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Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

“Death is the mother of beauty”

Metaphor in Stevens’ “Sunday Morning”

What can be thought about “Death”? Death is something of having an imagination, belief and awareness. After we think of those words, we begin to think that death is also the end of life, terminal of life and extraction. The atmosphere of death refers to scary, terrifying, mysterious, unknown and strange things. These make that death tends to negative things.

To get to the end of life, everyone does not only live what they want but they need a process of life how to reach or to have a good behavior where everyone wants to end their life in a good life. The title “Death is the mother of beauty” shows us how we could live and where we came from. The word “Mother” becomes the only source where we came from and we can grow because our mother’s love to us. She will be a heroine, life-giver for our life.

The title “Death is the mother of beauty” does not just mention “The mother” but “The mother of beauty”. The word of beauty is the word which exudes positive things. Everything is in positive things including actions, behaviors and so on. Everyone who lives wants to create beautiful life to prepare the next world (The end of life) because in the process of life, it looks that life is too short, some people waste their time to do good things, and also life is too short to neglect. So, the process of life will be begun from the “Zero” and everyone lives between “Zero” and “Death”. In the middle between “Zero” and “Death”, everyone will have an awareness to prepare the next world or end of life by creating a beautiful life, good conducts, good attitude for others and so many good things as long as they can do in their life./Wr, Immer



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